Young Movie Makers


Frequently Asked Questions

What is included once my child is enrolled?

We provide a folder for all hand-outs and work created.
All equipment including cameras, audio and editing suites are included.  There is one set for each team/crew.
They will receive a copy of their work on DVD at the end of the term.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We use Canon HD cameras, technicia audio and PowerDirector editing software. Our cameras while small are high quality yet built for durability. They are also one of a very few smaller cameras that are equipped with audio input for our boom operators.
We have choosen PowerDirector as this is the number one pro-sumer editing software. It has common broadcast standard features and a strong online community base with unlimited graphic add-ons.  It is also affordable should students want to carry on with their learning at home.

My child uses different cameras/editing software at home/school, will this effect their learning?

No, not at all.  No matter what type of camera or editing software your child currently uses there are some common skills in both camera and editing that will apply no matter what the technology.
I myself have used 5 different brands of HD camera and 4 different types of editing systems.  You will definitely get to know your favourite however being versatile in using different types of technology is an advantage.



My child is really into the animation and the computer graphics side of things, do they have to know about story writing?

Having experience in both animation and computer graphics, I can advise that it is imperative to know the basics in story telling and how to put a story together.  Even doing animation and graphics you have to know how they relate to a story and what their purpose is.  When you can master this then developing all the bells and whistles seems all the more enjoyable.